Friday, March 2, 2012


It rose and then it glowed
Was hot and enragé
Turned cold and blazed again
It grew and flew away

It struck a light and shone
Was swept up in a swirl
Tailspinning in a trice
It mellowed and refined

It set and gave a sigh
Was far from growing old
The time had come to go
It crept away to die.


  1. Noooo! Have to grieve before I can ask "what next?"

    1. hello my friend. what are you grieving about? :p

  2. the subject of death makes me curious.
    I see the end but I also see a resistance before the end and then I see a giving in to the end, "The time had come to go".
    good to see you write another poem. good to know you've not abandoned it all.

    1. thanks novisi. i figure i will be doing poetry for a while. i miss it. and it is just the thing for the present phase of my life.

  3. I enjoy minimalist poetry. Says a lot with few words. I also love the cadence in this. Good to see you back writing poems.

    1. hi nana. then more minimalist poetry will i write. i just love william blake, and have studied him.


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