Saturday, March 3, 2012


It is the music of the trees
In the drone of the balmy breeze
It is the stretching of the hills
And the tears the sky sadly spills

Thunderclap in breaking hearts
The unseen tail of poison darts
It is the picture of the sea
The still before the storm we see

It is the depth of the deep black hole
The massive ice caps in each Pole
It is the cosmic dance of stars
And the sounds of life on Mars

The great allure of muted minds
The need to see behind the blinds
The presence of stark loneliness
The blank before each ‘I confess’.


  1. Silence
    ...The blank before each I confess.

    1. Yes! Liked that line too... actually this whole piece is beautiful! Who wouldda thought that silence could be so profound?!


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