Monday, January 3, 2011

Resolutions = Rubbish

You don’t know when a discriminating asteroid would wipe out most of the opposite sex, compelling you to a need for prostitutes/gigolos. And so life goes. It is fluid – we don’t know what’s around the corner. It makes little sense – to me – to make New Year Resolutions. They only mark your own  ill-discipline. You can make resolutions as and when you need them. A toilet-moment resolution. A post-orgasm resolution. A born-again resolution. A birthday resolution. A Chelsea-slump resolution. An Obama-inspired resolution. When resolutions are made for particular moments, don’t they stand a better chance of success? Now I must go do a no-more-late-bath resolution.


  1. nah, i disagree, anytime is as good a time to make resolutions, but what better time than the new year, to reflect on the past year, or quarter, and make new resolutions born out of careful introspection!

  2. hahahaa ' resolution'

  3. Funny how Tetekai and I both honed in in the same statement. "no-more-late-bath resolution"?

    I like late baths (unless I'm misunderstanding you). Late baths are a part of my new "get-regular-sleep resolution" ;)

  4. KFC:

    Thanks for agreeing.


    Great. We can agree to disagree. I think I can stop at any time and look at the 12 preceding months and resolve. It does not have to be a calendar year.


    Yes, no-more-late-bath resolution.


    I am not talking about late baths. Lol. I am talking about not doing it early because I am home and have nowhere to go. :-)

  5. No resolutions here either. I'm just doing my best to survive in this dog-eat-dog world without getting "eaten"... But in fairness, the change in date gives some people the 'vim' to keep their resolution even if its for 14 days(the average length of a New Years Resolution-so I read somewhere) :-)

  6. Kwegyirba:

    The ephemeral nature of resolutions is why "it ain't no use", no?

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu04 January, 2011

    I just get on with new year resolutions ever! I say if you need to draw a line in the sand, there is less pressure when it's done in August..or October....or...

  8. i think the only resolution is to improve our discipline.


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