Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Reunion

Family reunions go so wonderfully well if the old people gather away and leave the now-timers at another place. And the fufu, jollof and the cake-and-ice-cream-with-brandy are evenly lavished in both places. I will remember that when I grow old.

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  1. Family Reunions are wonderful... as long as the old people don't ask when you are getting married, or giving them a grandchild.

    Family reunions are wonderful...
    as long a cousin brings along a 'fine tall drink of cold water' Lol!

    Family reunions are wonderful...
    as long as you don't have to take a long trip up and down the family tree...
    Happy New year!

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu03 January, 2011

    I like the picture...@ waaa!

  3. Anonymous:
    How articulately you put it. Thought of being a blogger, if you are not already?

    Thanks. It is a 'stolen' picture. I hope the real owners understand my 'informational' use.


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