Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Street Fighting in the City of Accra

Me in a street fight. Well, not quite. The urchin did not put up a fight. He swung out his hand and broke my side mirror and indicator light. I had seen him from far. I had even swerved to the middle of the street. It’s a new trick in Accra. New for the past five years or so. Desperados take this risk. Then, then they ask for 50 Ghana Cedis to go to the ‘hospital’. It’s happened to me twice already. Not a third time. I came out of the car and grabbed him. I did not let go until I got help. It was in a gentle neighbourhood – Ridge – so I did not risk a stabbing. At least I hope so. He’s now behind bars. He’s headed for court. 


  1. Blog and blog owner getting rowdy.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu04 January, 2011

    A stabbing can happen anywhere, please.

  3. There's been an interesting shift in the mood of beggars over the past few weeks. We had our door scratched up by a beggar at the polo court intersection when we refused to pay.

  4. hahahahha... that's ballsy!

  5. Devlin - I was just refusing to be a victim of the same scam for the third time.

    Kwame - I will be more careful and less bold next time, so long as I do not get angry. Anger makes me fearless.

    Fiona - Yes, they feel that you owe them a living and a part of the Christmas spoils. Next time, drive over their foot and keep driving. ;-)

    yeh - I guess. I was amazed by myself.

    Kobina - Super Hero for 15 minutes. But I had no cape or tight trunks. I could not fly. :(

  6. Lol! Nana Yaw, do I really have to comment? These are strange times. :-)

    But please be careful next time. Some of these people are dangerous.


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