Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garbage Politics

Does politics mean we are fools? That we believe anything? So there is a cadre of the opposition take time out to litter the city with rubbish? RUBBISH!

Ghana News :: NDC organiser blames detractors for garbage in Accra ::: Breaking News | News in Ghana | politics


  1. I would pretend I didn't read this. Oh! when! detractors for this detractors for that... mtchew....

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu15 November, 2010

    Propaganda gone awry. Or is it sheer stupidity?

  3. I must say these detractors are really the busiest people in Ghana. Not only have they been sponsoring armed robbers and getting them to attack ordinary people (leading to heightened insecurity), they are now dumping rubbish everywhere. I heard a plausible theory that these detractors are bringing the rubbish in trucks from "kookoase" to dump at night in Accra. The government has to focus all its energy and attention on stopping these detractors and not on the armed robbers or trash heaps.

  4. ok! assuming without admitting that the 'detractors' are behind the garbage! what is the govt doing about it? arms folded and staring and complaining?
    Accra stinks real bad for 'detractor's' sake! there's a whole assortment of stench along the beaches for anyone who cares to venture travel along the Acrra beach roads...from Chorkor all the way to Tema!


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