Monday, November 15, 2010

The Lies of Talent Shows

I read an article somewhere that Ghanaian comedian David Oscar couldn’t laugh even if tickled by a girl with a donkey face and tail, and callused human hands. It said that he approaches his stagecraft with similar sterility. I’ve seen him once or twice. He was painful, artificial. He did not even crease the corners of my mouth (unless you count my wincing).

It’s got me thinking about talent shows. It was such a contest that unearthed buried David in the limelight, although both he and the audience had Botox faces every week for nine. It’s been downright downhill since then. The question: do you have talent because so-called talent judges on a sponsorship-selling TV show say you do? Or must your work plead its own case?

As for David, I think the article writer was too hard on him. He does have a funny face when he appears on stage and begins to look self-important. If only he would hold it there and prance about without uttering a word!


  1. I have been telling people that I don't think David is funny; that he probably wouldn't be where he is if the Stars of... didn't put him there.
    I have seen his latest thin of ViaSat and his videos are funnier than his jokes.

  2. Charley! You brown the guy ooo..

    But compared to his runner up, Foster, David is not as bad. He just tries too hard to be funny.

  3. hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

  4. well said that guy is not funny at all i am happy i am not the only one who has noticed!


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