Friday, October 8, 2010

Could We Have Built This Differently?

Could there have been another way? Could there have been another way to build (in) Accra? A way to keep out all the rain and yet keep the rooms cool while it shone? Could we have avoided all the glass and still kept out the flies and birds? Could we have explored mud-brick, wood or something not as dense as concrete? Could we have built around our trees, avoiding the easier choice of scything them down? Could we have kept our water bodies for beauty and ecology? Could we have continued with planning when we finished with Tema? Was Ghana not always meant to look as green and neat as Akosombo? Could we? Couldn’t we?


  1. Maybe
    I think it looks okay though!


  2. We could but we didn't. Maybe we will; when we come to our senses.

  3. @ Tisha:

    Hi. You think Accra is OK?

    @ Tetekai:

    I wonder how much space and latitude there is now for correcting our follies.


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