Sunday, October 10, 2010

Send Me a Text Message

I’m often locked up in meetings-for-miles or at solemn places where I can’t receive calls. My phone is rigged to reject calls with a message - I’m engaged and can’t pick your call. Can you send a text please? Four times out of five the message alert doesn’t beep. It’s not because they’re loath to disturb (for they can irritate you with redials forever if you ignore the maiden ring). Is it that the calls are usually bagatelle? Or is it that people are just text-timid?


  1. Bagatelle? Now that's a word you hardly ever hear :-). To answer your question; some people just hate to text. Others don't have the short-hand skill to say what they want to say with 160 characters.

  2. Oh as we have the same phone, please tell me how you rig it to do that - it's just what I need!

  3. Graham, on your phone, go to:

    Settings - Calling - Call.

    Set "Reject call with message" to "yes".

    Just below on "Message text" just write what you want it to say every time you reject a call. Voila.

  4. There were times in my life when I sent and received up to 6000 text, pix and flix messages in a month.

    Very convenient way to communicate at times.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu12 October, 2010

    This is proper stonewalling, NY.

  6. Sometimes a person just wants to hear your voice, or may be busy with a task and unable to take the time to think about what to put in a text.

    I do think though that if they keep calling back, giving the impression that it's important, then they should be able to send a text. although there are some who think it's more expensive to send text than to call and will avoid it like the plague :P


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