Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Many Hair Stylists in the City of Accra

East Legon, Accra. But also Madina. And Kaneshie. And Dansoman. Every quarter of Accra is festooned in yellow, blue, green, white, etc of MVP, Revlon, UB and Dark & Lovely. The ads are draped on wooden shacks and wooden kiosks, sandcrete stalls and disused steel sea-freight containers. These are all hair stylists. There are puny hair-styling schools every forty paces and hair stylists every thirty. There cannot be half-enough heads to go all round for business. So what are they training the girls for?


  1. Hair styling for some is passion, for others a means of acquiring a vocation/career.
    Nana Yaw, don't worry about there being enough heads, some women visit the stylist's twice or once a week and with natural hair being the 'new thing', stylists are specializing.

  2. Lol @ Tetekai.

    @Nana Yaw: the hair styling schools are big business. Have you seen some of the enrollment requirements? You have to buy the 'madam' (well, they claim it's for the school but it goes to the madam): 5 large towels, 5 small towels, 2 crates of malta guinness, 3 crates of coke, 3 of fanta, the list goes on and on.....

  3. It's better to learn something I guess. But if the lists are still so outdated, I wonder if they learn anything meaningful

  4. Keeps them off the streets I guess!

  5. Wish I had a personal hair stylist.


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