Sunday, July 25, 2010

Modesty Means Long Life

In another Ghana glitch (also known as ‘movie’) an *Asafo team went off to war with the next village. Deep in the forest, where an ambush was likely to be sprung, the Asafo was chanting war songs, and their Goliath was leaping up-down, up-down like he was competing with the giant trees for height, when an arrow cut him down. I laughed so hard that I upset the neighbourhood dog-siesta.

*A troop of soldiers


  1. Crazy stupid, this warrior. Did they research into how Asafo teams went to war? They need some lessons on history.

  2. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    LOL! So glad they took him out. I actually envisioned a peacockish persona,screaming, "look at me, look at me!!!" and never mind that I didn't see the movie, I'm darned happy that he got shot down. Did the arrow hit him in the head or in the heart? personally I'm all for the head. (if there was any doubt that I was nutts, i think I just quelled it ;) )

  3. what's the name of the movie??

  4. Tetekai:
    We must give the stupidity to the director and scriptwriter. They should have had the sense to make that scene different. Speaking scriptwriting, our GH movies really scripted?

    The bullseye was in the neck! Enough gore to last me a decade.

    Pardon me, but the movie was already running when I made the ill-advised channel-switch from the news! In any case, all the titles (except for Shirley's, I think) are remarkably unremarkable. They all go something like MY MOTHER'S KITCHEN KNIFE or something like that which even a tomato could think up.

  5. apparently Gh movies not often scripted - actors are given the rough story line then improvise...

  6. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu26 July, 2010

    @ Fiona...actors? Participants of some joke...whatever. Cann't find the words!


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