Saturday, July 24, 2010

Senseless Movies in Accra

I just suffered through a gutter Ghanaian movie of machete brandishers, kidnappers for ransom and daylight murderers. It was missing just three things – a plot, rhyme and reason. I loathed it even more than the wanton-wickedness witchcraft flicks. If these mindless movies reflect this society ... hmm ... hmmm!


  1. Anonymous24 July, 2010

    Movies these days are not what they should be. It's even worse in our part of the world, where every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they can get before/behind a camera and spew out nonsense for the half-baked illiterate society to absorb.

    It's amazing, the sort of drivel they choose to assault our senses with, and I truly believe it was fair of me to quit watching local tv and movies years ago.

    I saw one movie, (while at the salon) where a doctor told Rama Brew that her daughter was suffering from sever dementia when any person with a brain could see that the girl (after an accident) was suffering from amnesia. We've become a lazy society and won't bother to research for anything we pull out of our behinds. It's a such a shame :(

  2. Don't forget the worthless, cheap ads being wantonly played on our airwaves about 'such' movies and the never-ending part 2,3,4,5,6... Get my drift?

  3. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    You know the thing with some Ghanaian movie producers, they chase money! They put up anything at all just to get some money. The funny thing is, they don't understand that putting up a quality movie, would earn them more money than all those 'scraps' put together!! Don't remember the last time I watched one..!

  4. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    The terrifying thing is that people watch them and like them! However, at least Ghanaian crap is better than its Nigerian counterpart!

  5. I really see little difference in the two, grahamghana. The last African movie I saw that was remotely interesting was Sarafina (and we all know how old THAT one is...)

    The three things you mentioned are exactly why I never watch these things. The last one I watched was the Perfect Picture which basically saw Ghanaians trying to sex-up the regular cheating-betrayal schtick...

  6. I'm loving the comments and, I must play my part by contributing.

    @ Daixy: I feel you gal... I watched this movie titled "Who loves me" and it was quite obvious that the director got tired of one actor's gramatical errors and just allowed the incompetent guy to continue deceiving himself that he was a good actor.

    @ Tetekai: Forget ads. How about movie soundtracks? Its a whole new business move... And the songs are just... awful!

    @ lorawords; I'm with you. I however must say that in all of the crap Shirley Frempong Manso is trying. She gets better with every movie (though I just couldn't get myself to like Scorned).

    @ grahamghana: Tell me bout it. I get so pissed when my sister comes home every evening and changes the channel to Crystal TV (when I was watching Bones or the CSI series). All I can say is thank God for cable tv.

    @ Nana Yaw & William: Most of them... hell, practically 98% of movies in the country lack those three but you know the sad part... Producers act on the choice of the audience. I'm actually researching on the Ghanaian movie audience for my thesis...

    Perhaps you could visit my blog and answer the online questionnaire sometime...

  7. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu25 July, 2010

    Gh/Naija avoided, I say! Such a lack of imagination and thus full of utter drivel!

  8. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    Heritage Africa was flawed but not too bad as at least it dealt with interesting issues. If we look at Africa as a whole there are loads of excellent movies.
    Comparing Naija films with Ghana's, I have not yet seen a Ghanaian movie where the music drowns the dialogue, where the breeze in the street scenes interferes with the microphones, where the music is played (certainly not composed) by an imbecile with 1 finger on a kids Casio keyboard and where a grown woman will fall on her knees screaming and crying in the first few minutes!

  9. I'm an American and really love both Ghana & Naija movies. I guess it's because they're so different from US movies. I know many of them have low production value and the plots can be unbelievable. But they're fun and interesting to watch. I'm hooked. I do watch serious cinema also.


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