Monday, July 26, 2010

Seriously, the Police...

The police were not my friends. Then they curtailed the scary robbery statistics. They even charmed my respect and friendship. That means I’d slip them a little ‘something’ (money) every night. Last night, I was stopped four times by the police within twenty minutes. Each time, I was shunted out of the traffic line. It was just past 9 p.m. Each time, I had to “open your boot”. Each time, I had to flash my driving licence. For a while, I’d praised this ‘professionalism’. Then I realized they’d just wanted to extort money. Why? Because my boyish looks made me a likely soft target.


  1. You could, for starters pump up on your calories (forget about the cholesterol myth), then grow a long beard...ha ha ha Or perhaps, just pay!

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu26 July, 2010

    NY n calories....laughing so hard at the impossible image. Just let them have a respectful but hard blast from your lips! They'll leave you alone.

  3. Anonymous26 July, 2010

    let me have you for a month. One month with my fante cooking and work outs should do the trick. We'll concentrate on building muscle and not fat. Perhaps it would help if you didn't smile so much. It takes years of your face :P

    Oh and I could give you a disfiguring scar:P And before you begin with the praises, please none of that. You know I would do anything for a friend ;)

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  5. lol... Alas, the curse of the young-looking :)

  6. These are some of the downsides that come with looking young but I bet you the perks are much more than the disadvantages once you hit 40.

    I will agree with Pen Powder, Giving them "something small" is more likely to get you out of trouble than the "Member" sticker on your car.


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