Friday, June 4, 2010

Traffic Tax in Accra?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has always wanted to introduce a congestion tax. Cities everywhere share common problems and a common difficulty in solving them. If New York mulled (or mulls) an $8 congestion charge for motorists who would drive to the city centre, what would be appropriate for Accra, $5? It is not easy to say that a congestion tax will work and reduce the city traffic. Accraians are famous for their need to show off. Many Ghanaians appear to be fabulously rich. Impose a $10 traffic tax, and more people pour in to show they are rich. Would you support the congestion charge?


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu05 June, 2010

    Congestion charges go with efficient services, NY. Can you imagine efficient services in Accra?

  2. no, kwame, i cannot. everytime i hit an unavoidable pothole, i get angry about the high rate of income tax i pay.

  3. I would love it only if the spoils from the show off will be benificial to the country. Unfortunately, it will just be used to thickly line the insides of one or two officials' belts


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