Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finding Nemo...or Nimo

As seen on TV early this morning. Do you want kids to embarrass themselves around their friends? As for Nimo, you won't find him underwater - try Kejetia in Kumasi.


  1. Anonymous05 June, 2010

    It happens with our semi-literate and school-drop-out 'media practitioners'...or lazy people who will not proofread and double check.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu05 June, 2010

    @ Anonymous....Ouch!

  3. Anonymous05 June, 2010

    Wow don't mince words, do you? I get the feeling you're one of those people who's often right and so bask in the comfort of self-assuredness (ity? are these even words?!!!) :P Anyways,you hit the bull in the eye, hammer's nail and all that. And now I'm off to find the uncooked part of my half baked brain

  4. Nimo! hehehehehheehe...

  5. Finding Nemo is a GREAT cartoon-film, btw!;-) Over the w/end, I saw a news item by TV3 in which it talked about the death of a 19-yr-old young man who didn't get sufficient funds to save his life. TV3 had to go and write in the news caption "kicks the bucket". I mean, WTF!!>!>><<?!

  6. Lol!!! I agree with anon (especially after seeing a headline in a newspaper today: "Police beat man into comma"!). Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's a Ghanaian adaptation of the well-loved movie, lol!

  7. Anonymous09 June, 2010

    "Police beat man into comma." LOL! Totally made my morning......

  8. Anonymous09 June, 2010

    comma? Dear Lord, is NO ONE editing these days?

  9. @ anon: you said it!

    @ crazy, as always :p

    @ lucci: yes, nimo!

    @ emmanuel: yes, wtf!

    @ maya: i guess if he had died, it would have been "police beat man into a period!" lol.

  10. @NY's @Maya: JUST laughed myself into question mark.


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