Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Will Your Partner Cheat?

How distastefully dubious does the telecom tussle for your custom become! It is egregious entrepreneurship, idiotic innovation and macabre marketing. I caught the following crawling text on a television channel: Will Your Partner Cheat on You? You pay peak premium by tart-texting your partner’s name to a given number, and the ‘Capitalist Conscience-less’ will tawdry-text you the ‘answer’. What would you do if it came back ‘Yes’?


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu03 June, 2010


  2. Anonymous03 June, 2010

    Oh for heavens for shiz? I think it's just sad that people would actually send the text in the first place rofl. They wouldn't be advertising if they didn't have an audience for it :(

  3. Which telecommunications company is that? If i get a yes, i will not take their word for it... seriously, i will like to know but not like that.

  4. @ kwame: distasteful, right?

    @ daixy: yes, first the market, then the product. lol.

    @ lyrix: i could not tell from just the number. it is probably a spin-off telco closely related to one of the big providers.


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