Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Technical Knockout

A judge in a Kumasi High Court cannot resist the urge to interfere. He finishes off sentences for witnesses in the box, and adds, “Not so?” Often, the witness answers that the judge is wrong in his hasty conclusion, and he has to apologise with embarrassment. When we successfully raised a legal objection in our own case, he mocked the other lawyer by saying, “technical knockout!”


  1. That's one very funny judge, don't they teach decorum for them too. I thought judges didn't talk much.

  2. Anonymous10 June, 2010

    Technical knockout? thats so lame! he should stick to what he knows best.

  3. Knockout eh...hmmm what a judge.

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu10 June, 2010

    Terrible. Chap should recuse himself permanently and find himself a new line of work.

  5. Anonymous12 June, 2010

    Very funny! When i read your comment, i recollected a similar incident i experienced in court. These Judges can be very funny!

  6. @ myne: this judge talks a whole lot, all the time, without stopping...

    @ anon: you think he is not funny?

    @ blogorrati: knockout!

    @ kwame: stand-up comedy?

    @ anon: would you like to share?


  7. OH but this judge! I would LOVE to sit in his courtroom n enjoy my life. Gives me a good idea for a TV show or Ghanaian movie...


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