Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wet, Wading Wednesday

It poured ‘Pacifics’ on Wednesday from 6 pm till ... was it midnight? The traffic network at 11 pm was daylight-dense and rush-hour thick. A respectable car was stalled every fifty metres even in this ‘good’ side of town between Ridge and the Accra Mall. River islands swept across the streets and made Accra’s wild drivers timid. Crowds! Crowds of people milled everywhere, turning bus stops into midnight markets. People ‘legged’ it over ten kilometres, and got ‘there’ soaked but before the crippled cars. I did not tune in to the night news - I did not want to deal with the misery that would surely flood into the ‘bad’ parts of Accra.


  1. we got it here too! It really poured and the winds ripped apart some mobile homes! It was just regular strong winds ooo... pretty sad. Ghana needs better sewage systems

  2. Dayum, good old rainy season.

  3. @ maxine: i heard it on the news. always bad when nature shows its fury like that. (note, it made it gender neutral).

    @ msafropolitan: hmmm, it is not always good...


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