Monday, May 10, 2010

Kebab-Craving in Accra

Adabraka was too far from Ridge, and the Kebab Boys at Nyaniba Estates Junction were packing up, putting out the naked flame. It was 10 p.m. Fresh out of boneless, they were too polite to my pinstripe to even entice with the almost-bones left on a few old skewers. So I pulled off Ring Road, arced the U away from the La end, hooked the Labone Junction exit and swung into the second right towards Celsbridge. In five minutes I was cruising through Cantonments, the Airport, Tetteh Quarshie and the Spintex. Three kebab sticks and three fully loaded kebabs, lay on the seat next to me.


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    Goodness. I was craving them myself this afternoon. Had two with an egg sandwich for lunch. Amazing what a couple of sticks of juicy meat can do for you on a hot day or night, especially if you get to wash it all down with a nice cold beer.....

  2. Can i have one? Please....

  3. know how I feel about these lollipops :D


  5. Anonymous21 May, 2010

    but having one a litle too often aint too good for your health......lets remeber that always. funny bit is am having one now lol....


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