Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thing on Wheels

I was driving past the neat office blocks at Ridge behind a spritely Toyota Corona (remember that car?) I was curious about who had kid-gloved theirs to keep it roadworthy for so long, when a balled-up mangy tissue whorled out of the open window. I overtook to see for myself who had hallmarked such a hideous habit. When I saw his/its face, I understood how the filthy tissue and the vile habit of ejecting rubbish from a moving car all fit in with his/its smutty face.


  1. You don finish this driver sha, lol.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu13 May, 2010


  3. Maybe the kid-gloved handle car is not his?, but then people handle things better when they have a stake in it then not, the environment is not his property thus this filthy behavior.

  4. @ Myne: I don finish am! I go finish am again.

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: Yes, manners.

    @ Lyrix: Lol.


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