Monday, May 24, 2010

Circus of Cyclists

Something spectacular is bound to pass whenever I drive in the heat of the afternoon in the city of Accra. Or rather, I catch the extraordinary life in the everyday scenes. Today, I reflected on the Accraian impression that the rules are made for punishment and not convenience. Two cyclists would not remain in the traffic queue. Blazing down the dividing line in opposite directions, they saw each other too late. They almost battle-rammed each other as their shoulders knocked together and threw them off course. The bikes wove and wobbled between the cars into the bushy shoulders...with their riders astride.


  1. HA HA, that's what happens when you don't follow rules.

    But you know what NY, I think all cyclists have the same mentality regardless of what part of the world they live.

  2. So many uncountable accidents on those bikes, you won't believe.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu25 May, 2010

    Serves them right!

  4. I would have shouted out, "Kwasia! Is sweet, next time!" Then gracefully returned to my lady-like countenance.


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