Sunday, May 23, 2010

Talented Kids on TV3

The last time I mentioned TV3, I ‘dissed’ them for not proof-reading. I have something else to say today.

TV3 has a kids talent/entertainment programme “Talented Kids”. I saw 20 minutes of it, and I’m taken.

Not like many a talent show in Ghana, the kids are not doing traditional dance and poetry recital alone and calling it talent. That was refreshing. The exaggerated drama of that kind of recital is particularly uncomfortable to watch.

TV3’s talented kids can sing, rap, really dance and even play musical instruments like drums and the atenteben (bamboo flute?).

Well done to them: TV3 and especially the kids.


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu24 May, 2010

    Relief! Some creativity on Ghanaian TV!

  2. Aww sounds cute. I wish I could see it.

  3. ofori manu abigail25 May, 2011

    I liked cassandra and Monalisa


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