Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why, China, Why?

No apologies for this generalisation. I’m informed that a particular group of people in Ghana are notorious for this. They jet to China and fly back with imitation goods with authentic labels. The established electronics companies outsource production to China for its cheap labour. Some Chinese companies secretly produce more than is ordered. The extra white goods, which are of low quality, are sold to ‘these people in Ghana’ (and perhaps elsewhere in Africa). The Chinese 'manu-fake-turers' remember to give you authentic labels. Back home, ‘these people’ sell the ersatz electronics at same high price as the real! Shame on ‘these people’ and shame on those who do this in China.


  1. Well said ! Sadly this is happening all over Africa and elsewhere...

  2. Unfortunately, it wouldn't stop anytime soon.

  3. Blame the seemingly favourable idea of capitalism.
    The people of that "particular group" are doing what they have come to believe they have to do to make an extra cedi.
    The manu-fake-turers are real. I was at a factory in Taiwan and they sold me on an idea to replicate brand name equipment and put whatever name I wanted on it. Without blinking.

  4. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu26 May, 2010

    @NYS...yes until the Chinese gov't is able/willing to stop people from imitating and engaging in other nefarious activities like putting dangerous acids in baby milk to boost the "protein" content, this won't stop.It serves as a pressure valve...otherwise unemployed people make money, spend it in China, therefore solving a few problems for the gov't. @Mike...it's called "technology transfer"!


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