Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Million Paths to Love

Time and Attraction
soon lure love to themselves;
Wit and Humour
fetch a fertile fondness;
Smiles and Kindness
will coax cascading affection;
Loneliness and Presence
bind unlikely souls together;
Risk and Adventure
ravish reason with seduction -
One million paths to Love.


  1. Is it poetry time again? Love them.

  2. True stuff, thank God love isn't a one way thing, or we'd be very bored.

  3. So many ways, that's what makes love beautiful. Nice poem.

  4. I like. So many roads to destination love.

  5. lovely! Convenience? you think is one of the paths?

  6. @ Anon: Yes, poetry all week!

    @ Juanita: Hmm. The paths to love are many, but when you get there, diversity should end, no? Lol.

    @ Myne: Thanks. Variety is the spice of life, but variety (i.e. sampling) is a no-no in love, no?

    @ Lyrix: You're very kind.

    @ Matekwor: Convenience is one mega 21st Century path! Thanks for reminding me.


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