Friday, April 9, 2010

Back-Stabbing – The Anlo Experience

In 1783, warriors from Akyem, Ada, Akwapem and Ga ganged up with Denmark (yes, Danes!) to fight a war with the great and proud people of Anlo. What had the Anlos done? Oh, they’d only pillaged a Danish trade caravan and killed its leader (just one man) of whose names only Thessen appears to have survived history.

Against the force of such an overwhelming conspiracy, the great Anlos lost to the Danes and the back-stabbers, and were ruled and controlled by Denmark until 1850 when they suffered the ignominy of being passed along to Great Britain along with other ‘possessions’ of Denmark, which had lost interest(?) in what is present-day Ghana.


  1. They weren't back stabbers - a united Ghana did not exist at that time.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu10 April, 2010

    The black man preferring white man's rule.hmmm! The Danes lost interest in colonisation very early..probably as a result of their small population and the pressure on their resources as a result.

  3. @ Anon: You're right! However, I speak not of a united Ghana! I only speak of people who look like you!

    @ Kwame M-B: Spot on! Or...?


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