Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Give me a day
To catch my breath
To still my heart

Cut me a sliver
Of your sugary soul
To fill my heart with sweetness

Plant me a kiss
From your lovely lips
To catch my youth forever

Hold me to you
Tenderly in your arms
A hug to call me yours

Smile me some gold
And silver in your eyes
Bathe my house in sunlight

Tell me a tale
Of love and long ago
Of laughter and of glee

Sing me a song
Sing deep and deeper still
And bring tears to my eyes

Spare me a thought
Of absence, hearts and fondness
For I’m always missing you

Lock me in a look
The power of your eyes
My feelings freeze for all time

This universe we share
Is quite a pretty thing
Because you and I are 'natural'

Stretch your arms and touch me
Whisper your answer to my wish
The truth I’ve always known.

For: The Woman I know was made just for me! I believe. Please Believe!


  1. Wow! You have poetry in your soul. Beautiful post.

  2. This is truly beautiful

  3. wow! "lost for words here"

  4. betty rhule11 April, 2010

    truly amazing...

  5. betty rhule11 April, 2010

    truly amazing gift with words.gud work,bill ;)

  6. In a teary-eyed stunned joy, I am... Speechless.

  7. Very poetic. Its lovely.

  8. Liking this...kindred spirits.

  9. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu12 April, 2010

    Dreams, NY, dreams!

  10. @ Lucci: Thank you very much. And we all have poetry in the soul!

    @ Lady Jaye: And you are truly generous with praise!

    @ Juanita: Lost for words, but, then, you found 4! Lol!

    @ Betty Rhule: The gift, huh? But you know I'm nothing (and will likely always be) compared to "Bill"!

    @ Matekwor: But you just gave a very touching speech!

    @ Anon: Thank you!!!

    @ Lyrix: Lol.

    @ blogoratti: Thanks a lot!

    @ Kwame M-B: Much more than dreams!

  11. The woman who inspired this is lucky indeed. To be able to draw so much passion from your soul, to make you admit your devotion....whatever her secret is, she better share it with me!


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