Monday, April 5, 2010

Kwahu Easter Fiesta

Obo, Obomeng, Atibie, Mpraeso: they attract revelling crowds from the 4 corners of Ghana and lands beyond. Rarefied-air-on-mountaintop, music and barbecue tightly hugging the narrow, eroding-bitumen streets on either side, wealthy chateaux holding hands with old, 1970s homes.

At Atibie: paragliding for foreigners (because it costs GH¢50 a glide), at Mpraeso: Music Music by TV3, at Obomeng: founts of drink and mounts of food. But, this year, somebody directed that no women should wear miniskirts, hot shorts or short dresses. Next year, they’ll lose numbers.


  1. I miss my mountains :(

  2. I really wanted to go but alas, again, not this year.

  3. Love the Mountains. Such a lovely place! I had no idea! Was there for the first time in 2007! Eastern region is where to be at Easter!

  4. Lovely it was. But we will lose numbers cos of another reason: hellish outrageous traffic jam!

  5. Never been to Kwahu at Easter! Heard the hangliding was GH150. Maybe I should have gone if it was 50 big ones. I thought the decent dressing decree kinda kills the fun...may just backfire.

  6. I loved the Amakye Dede Show @ Ohenenana.It was "kra behwe". Easter @ Kwahu has really gained publicity and I believe by next year there will be task collectors @ the entrances of Atibie and Obomeng to take Easter tax.

  7. @ Raine: Your mountains are treacherous!

    @ Gayle Pescud: Maybe next year then. We might even bump into each other with no chance of recognition!

    @ Maxine: The mountain air is so healthily clean! Easter's carousal reduces the quality, no?

    @ Kiz: Of course, nobody's thought to create a parking zone, beyond which you have to walk or join a designate bus!

    @ Abena Serwaa: Kiz went and says it was 50 big ones. Maybe we will bump into each other. And there will be instant recognition. Lol!

    @ Splashes: Wow, welcome back here. Where's Ohenenana? And Easter Tax if uproarious!


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