Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Accra Central All-Ages Nudity-Stupidity Circus

The fetid, frowzy throng makes it even harder to breathe in the sun-baked air of Accra’s bus stations. Yet another hapless mayor is evacuating vendors from one of the bus stations. The vendors, who think they own all public space in the city of Accra, have threatened to strip to the scandalous skin to protest. Fools! Did you pay a tuppence for that real estate? I’m always at phone-camera ready. I’ll record your circus freak show. You’ll make Accra uglier than you already have (than I ever thought you could!)


  1. Ha! I haven't anyone use "frowzy" for ages! I completely agree with you on their unwarranted sense of entitlement. I don't mind the vendors in certain areas but sometimes they literally take over the ENTIRE pavement and leave you to pick your through their goods just to get to where you're going.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu24 April, 2010

    There is the need for a comprehensive plan to sort out all this. Mayors cann't forever be moving people on in Accra. The Mayor is an American-trained planner..should do better.

  3. I continue to be shocked by their cheek, truly believing they're entitled to uglify our Accra. Let's hope they leave before we're visually assaulted by their nudity!

  4. wow...Ghanaians are STUBBORN! This yo=yoing is s old it's no longer funny. Time for emphatic action...

  5. Ah the perennial hawker problem.. I was quite amused by the naked demo threat BTW: Has the mayor finished clearing up Sodom and Gomorrah yet?
    @EKB: Emphatic action and Ghana shouldn't really go in one sentence!

  6. WOW! People never cease to amaze with how reluctant they are to use their brains. WTH?!

  7. Can hardly wait. I, for one, will stare any naked person down. lol. Seriously, a better solution than taking them off the streets must be found. I hate walking on the street when the pavements have been evaded by sellers.

  8. Better still, let the demo go ahead. Then, once they're all out in their birthday suits, get the police to arrest them all...for indecent exposure!;-D

    That'll clear some of them!

    @Abena: ok....good point there!;-)

  9. The hawkers threatening to demonstrate nude is disgusting and unwise but I think there is the fundamental question of what will they do with their lives if they can't hawk anymore?

  10. @ Sankofa: Lol at 'frowzy', huh? When to touch some vendor or their goods on that pavement, may Heaven help you!

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: Plans there have been since the 1950s. Willpower is more like it. A person who will do it though he risks losing an election. He does it because it is simply right.

    @ Maya Mame: They should be beaten off the streets if they strip down to protest. Yes, I said that!

    @ Emmanuel: Many measures have failed. None of them were drastic. Get my drift? ;-)

    @ Nana Serwaa: Sodom and Gomorrah was pure talk, in character,no?

    @ Tye: That's how some of them got there in the first place. SOME of them.

    @ Lyrix: I believe that one way or the other they must be taken off the streets - willingly or bound up!

    @ Nana Kofi Acquah: Fundamental question? I think not. They sell at some other place purposely given for that. And you really should go to this protest and bring us pictures on your blog.


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