Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cascading Buildings in the City of Accra

A college girl dies. Her friend is between a rock and a hard place. They were only leaving a hostel as students do. A canopied walkway avalanches on them. The building was erected decades ago. Money is not for maintenance in Ghana. It is for creating, and then creating some more. Already existing infrastructure can take care of itself.

Her parents were expecting a smarter girl back. They are getting a corpse. It happened in school; on school property. Somebody has to pay. Her parents are grieving, I know. But, they should PLEASE not simply leave it to God. Sue somebody. Sue everybody who should have cared. It won't bring Eva back, but do it anyway. Start with university authorities!

God, I did not know her – why am I so upset?


  1. This is the case at Tech right? It's truly horrifying. The poor girl is apparently from a not so wealthy family in the North and I'm sure a lot of people were depending on her to finish her education and help out in the future.

    According to some work colleagues who attended Tech, that canopy has had massive cracks in it as far back as 10 yrs ago. I really hope they get a good lawyer who'll sue the hell out of KNUST. There must be some accountability.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is terrible. I have never understood why we do not maintain anything we build in Ghana. They should definitely sue, and I pray SOMEONE listens. If we have a mansion and get money, we would rather bulldoze the old, or leave it to rot in the backyard while we erect a bigger, shinier version of the same thing. Is there anywhere I can get some coverage on this?

  3. So sad. I don't know why maintenance is such a foreign concept to Ghanaians. A lot of times, isn't it easier and cheaper to MAINTAIN than to start off fresh?

  4. Nana Yaw, I could team up with you and file an amicus brief, if need be.

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu28 April, 2010

    Upset...? Yes because you are human, NY. Please they should be suing the contractors who were supposedly engaged in renovating my old university hall. That is if the PR man was not lying about renovations. Our lack of maintenance culture should and must end! haba!

  6. Kissi said exactly what I was going to suggest to both of you.
    I'll support your efforts anyway I can and you have some intelligent readers that can help get the message across too that there must be some accountability.

  7. Not really a nice welcome back to civilisation. I read the article in the papers and have to say that i was rather appalled. This culture of non-maintenance cannot be allowed to continue to fester.

    I agree with you. The family should sue the University and can on several counts. The students can also rise up as a body and so the same. Their safety is at risk. How can you send your child to further their education, only to have the negligence of the institution cause them to lose their life? It's about time to do something about it.

  8. @ Sankofa: "I really hope they get a good lawyer who'll sue the hell out of KNUST". I like those words, and I hope they do too.

    @ Nsoromma: There was coverage on myjoyonline.com. I don't think it is in the news anymore. News dies quickly (and tragedy along with it) in Gh, as you know.

    @ Raine: I am beginning to believe that there's the chance of corruption and money to be made from putting up the new; hence the will to see the old crumble.

    @ Yes, Kiz, I've been turning over in my mind. Spoken to a few others too. The dream team coming up at last????

    @ Kwame Mensa-Bonsu: University authorities, contractors, consultants, anybody who has legal personality ought to answer questions in court, I think.

    @ We'll let you know, Mike, if this words out. I hope I don't lose the will.

    @ Daixy: Well said. Something has to be done!


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