Friday, April 23, 2010

Married at 15

I stray one thousand miles today. A big man in a West African country has alleged nuptials with a fifteen-year-old North African girl. It’s said she cannot be ‘wifed’ off at this nymph age in Pharaohland. So, the ‘dowered’ deed is done in Naija. A ‘mammaried’ minister is asked if anything is being done about the stolen youth. She says consultations will be held. Has a crime been committed or not?


  1. @Nana Yaw: so we move from love straight into all these heavy issues - what happened? Did you fall out of love?

  2. @ Lady Jaye, ROTFLMAO!

    @ Post: Regardless of what the law books say, I think this is absolutely preposterous! Let's even assume that this 'thing' is legal in some part of the world under constitutional law, it's a crime against rightness (for lack of a better word). Even in NYA's expression "stolen youth" it is evident. It's daylight robbery of the most despicable kind, and it cannot be justified.

    And just in case someone is thinking of the it-used-to-happen-traditionally-yadayadayada argument, we live in 2010 NOT 14 BC. We live in an age where certain things have to be in place for an acceptable chance at survival in an already moribund world. Consultations?! I really don't know...

  3. I think it is constitutional in Nigeria because of muslim tenets but I am shocked that a man of such status would do it.

  4. @ Lady Jaye: No ma'am, I am not out of love. I just love love and the rest of life. I always try to find the rhythm and then the anti-rhythm.

    @ Tye: I'm inclined to agree with your moral grounds.

    @ Myne: I agree. The shock stems from the alleged husband's status. Is it confirmed that he's done the deed?

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu24 April, 2010

    Consultations? Assemble a firing squad instead!

  6. It's disgusting. Furthermore she is 13 not 15. He is 50. It's caused a stir in the press/blogosphere here but I doubt any actions will be taken.

  7. I can't believe such rubbish goes on in this day and age. The man should be shot! And which impoverished Egyptians decided to sell their daughter to this paedophile? Cuz that's what this is. Paedophilia. There's no shirking about that. It's disgraceful for something like this to happen, here, let alone anywhere else in the world

  8. @ MSAfropolitan: 13?!! 50!!! No actions taken!!! Well, as Myne says, the Constitution may sanction it.

    @ Daixy: I stand on the same 'morals' as you, but if the national constitution allows it, then he cannot be 'shot', no? Sadness...

  9. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    I'm not against sending in the ninjas :) I could even give them tips on how to go about emasculating him. Question though is whether or not I'd want to leave him alive after that, to think about what he's done. Why such laws should exist is beyond me. Ain't no law on earth that should allow for child and sexual abuse!


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