Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poetry: 24-Hour News

3 news items, over the past day, keep coming back to me.

*Students of Archbishop Porter Girls School in Takoradi, Ghana, got severe food poisoning after eating school food last night. It appears to be an offence to eat alternative food to the bad school-issue.

100 girls went off to school
Eating, there, was a stiff rule
Like many a useless control tool
Now, the girls are oozing stool

*The president recently reshuffled his cabinet. All new ministers are vetted by Parliament. The expected fiery Q&A turned out to be quite a farce.

The Main Man got new ministers
The House promised vetting sinisters
But when appeared the Misses and Misters
Both sides oafed like brothers and sisters

*So, it is being officially acknowledged that government officials in Ghana have kind of always travelled with paid female companions. And the president referred to it as indiscretion?

So, officials go with Ghanaian Geisha girls
Paid for with the taxpayer’s pearls
While poverty and the national debt swirls
One more government is fluffing it in twirls


  1. You're very very very creative. But then, you already know that. :)

  2. You got a standing ovation from me. *applauding*

  3. First of all Happy New Year, if this is my first comment for the year. I have been b... Hahahahah I love this. Your take on issues is deep, very deep. Some st***d rules that we have and all that...thanks for setting things in motion...

  4. *Genius* poetry.
    'Oozing stool' and 'Ghanaian Geisha girls' are apt and vivid gems!

  5. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu11 February, 2010

    NY: Lawyer, Poet, Blogger, etc. U are indeed talented! As for the school rules, high time the standards were raised if they are going to maintain all those colonial rules! Poor girls! As 4 the Prez, guess he feels/is powerless, so his answer is to hide his head in the sand! As for the MPs, well its all a game!

  6. Genius! Start working on a book deal, would love a book of this poetry. 'Oozing stool' - classic!

  7. @ Omotade: Nooooo, I did not know that. Please tell me more ;-)

    @ Mike: Thank you very much, Sir!

    @ NFA: How have you been? I see you have posted. Well, welcome back.

    @ Abena Serwaa: Thank you, too, my friend.

    @KMB: I was particularly worried for the poor girls. If you cannot feed them and will not let them feed themselves, what do you call that? Is there a word like torture?

    @ Maya Mame: Awww, you always encourage me. Maybe I will do just that because of you!

  8. Well done. You do string the words nicely.

  9. Ofeibea Afari12 February, 2010

    Not happy about the APGSHS issue, being an APSAN myself.Whilst investigations go on, 'mango- down' should be revived.'Mango-down' used to be our alternative to the dinning hall food.

  10. Man this is great. You should bring out this style more often..such verve and panache

  11. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu12 February, 2010

    More like attempted murder through negligence......


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