Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Dominant Sense

Picture yourself all alone in a vacuum. What do you experience? Which of your senses strikes the sharpest? I isolate my fragrance and ‘mirage’ the walls closing in on me; my breathing breaks and pings like ice needles off imaginary walls. My most-alive sense is my sense of smell; then my sense of touch; then hearing. Back in the vacuum, what do you imagine you experience? What is your dominant sense?


  1. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu10 February, 2010

    Peace and quiet.

  2. Smell, loving my new fragrance (wink)

  3. The narcissist Lucci.

  4. I'd be too shit scared to actually pay attention to any of my senses. O_O

  5. @ KMB: Peace and Quiet is what you sense. But which sense do you use the most in doing this?

    @lucci: Then you're much like me, no? (wink)

    @ Kiz: Yes, isn't she?

    @ Omotade: Ha ha ha. Is being in a vacuum going to be that scary?

  6. Yes.....omg being alone with no one else around for that matter. I dunno how i'd cope.


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