Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Must Have Been Love

As a tailspin-teenager, I had a creative crush on a new “Lil Lovely” every month. It started with a hottie called Amanda. At the swimming pool, I was looking at her looking at me, but we could not talk to each other. Later, we faux-flirted through our friends, and my song for her was “It Must Have Been Love” by Swedish duo, Roxette.

Another Cinderella-crush was buxom, French-Ivorian beauty, Chantal, who was 4 years older (and 100 light years sexier) than me, and who lived in Cocody, Abidjan. My ballad for her was “Impossible Love” by UB40.


  1. The second is quite apt, lol. Do you still woo girls with songs?

  2. Myne, yes, apt. I have never wooed girls with songs. What I am saying is whenever I liked a girl, I would associate her with a love long I liked.

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu10 February, 2010

    NY, u've got a nice big romantic heart.

  4. *Wow* a little lovely every month? That's a whole bunch of lovelies! In my early teens I also used to associate songs with crushes. This post reminds me of my first big crush Omar; half Somalian/half African-American and 100% divine dark chocolate. I associate him with 'Girl you know its true', 'Blame it on the Rain' and 'I'm Gonna Miss You'.Mmmm I seem to have been quite a Milli Vanilli fan!

  5. @ Kwame: Nice? Big? Romantic? Don't think so!

    @ Abena Serwaa: Thank you. Another of us. My office mates denied ever associating love interests with love songs, and I was beginning to feel weird. And, you were def a Milli Vanilli fan; that is before and not after, right?

  6. *LOL* Was a Milli Vanilli fan before and after felt cheated. Well, that was until I watched VH1's 'Milli Vanilli: Behind the Music' and felt sooo sorry for the guys. Especially Rob Pilatus who had a completely rotten childhood and then in the end self-destructed.


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