Wednesday, February 24, 2010

9 Litres of Petrol

GHC10 ($7.15) won’t get you 2 gallons of gasoline, goddammit! And still, Accra navigates a sea full of SUVs. Plus this equatorial fireplace demands the full nyanya.

*Nyanya = air conditioning.


  1. Nyanya Lol.
    I suppose the cost of living is quite high because of the high maintenace environment of the geography and culture and also our lowly productivity coupled with the import-based 'ecominie'.

  2. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu24 February, 2010

    That can fill a tank here. But obviously you'll pay through your nose in all manner vehicle-related taxes and fees. Explains why i stick to the bus.

  3. This is ridiculously expensive! How are people making it? Ghana must be the land of miracles!

  4. Kwame- where do you live? Please let me know ASAP so I can move over there. I bought gas for $2.93 a gallon yesterday.

  5. Such prohibitive prices i tell ya.
    lol@equitorial fireplace...

  6. lool@Raine, I still can't beleive we charge this high amount and still many of us live in poverty..hmmm
    p.s @ posekyere hahaaaaaa ecominie..poor Prez Mills! :-D

  7. My brothers were shocked when I told them how much gas costs here. They actually thought gas would be less expensive here.

    I've been saying to my friends and on my blog among others, that Ghanaians are very good at Keeping up appearances. Our so called big men, whether they have the money or not are finding ways to maintain their affluent lifestyles. Of course, there are those who truly can aford such lifestyles.

    We complain that we're a poor nation and yet people are paying for expensive internet services, driving expensive cars AND living in places like VILLAGIO. Goodness how poor can we be if we can afford to rent rooms in such apartments?

    Well don't be surprised if these people after spending so much money go home to meals of kelewele and gari soakings. I certainly do at the end of the month LOL


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