Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lemonade & Lunch

Thankfully, GHc10 ($7.15) will lavish you a flagon of lemonade and lunch on a laze-about week day - a healthy hoarding of fine-grain gari foto and pan-fried chevon, or frugal fufu with gleeful goat-light, or yummy yam and garden-egg stew (kobi and all) or jolly jollof rice and chicken. OH, STOP IT! ....... How many earn GHc10 a day? ... and legitimately?


  1. love this series! Where will you take us with your 10 GHC tomorrow?

  2. haha and legitimately.

    $NZ10.36 will get me a nice combo lunch at McDo or Burger King...but not a Thai restaurant. :(

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu25 February, 2010

    That can get one a nice McDo/Burger King (yes x-Omotade-x)...or two meals @ an "eat as much as you like" buffet-style Chinese food Restaurant. Just that those guys are now limiting people to an hour's stay. So technically it is no longer "eat as much you like"!!Recession, eh!lol


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