Thursday, December 10, 2009

British Culture & the BHC’s BS

So much gravel is ground about the galled Ghana Civil Service and its castoff client-service culture. But subject your good self to the British High Commission’s main switchboard in Accra. They NEVER pick up. At least, the people at the ministries, talk to you.

BHC Switchboard: +233.21.221665,


  1. *LOL* Clearly they are just asking for people to swing by in-person! BTW; I thought the BHC had "severed" ties with the public after opening their VFS office for visas....could be why they have stopped answering their phones perhaps?

  2. lol! I must say, i have missed you so!

  3. Kwame Mensa-Bonsu16 December, 2009

    Had the same experience with them in 2004/2005. They never answered their phones, so i started sending 5 e-mails every. They answered after a week. Not that it helped. Useless or arrogant, i don't know.


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