Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yellow Yeast at the Airport

I don’t know what triple-turned me off – was it the bushy boofiaa (two-edged afro) or the blister-bleached skin which was yellower than his banana necktie? Could it be the nasty red heads ‘pineappled’ all over his fermenting face, or the superior way he swept across the public space? Oh God, I whole-heartedly hated him on sight!


  1. Geez Nana Yaw. lololol. Who peed in your cereal this morning?

    Was it a random person?

  2. So you saw my husband at the airport?! Okay kidding but I kinda feel bad for the guy...you completely (and brilliantly) annihilated him with words..

  3. And you don't even know this guy? LOL

  4. Well, thanks, Abena Serwaa. He repulsed me more.


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