Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two by Two

From my collection 'Amour Propre'

Two by two they slept that night
When the sky threw down her tears
And swathed the heart in a prickly cold
Chest to chest; arms around body
Their spirits tamed the unfriendly chill
Two by two they walked that night
When the wind pierced through their clothes
And formed death’s layer under the skin
Shivers begged for heat to touch
The frost stood tall and fiercer still
Two by two they kept the night
But one stayed lone to write a sad song.


  1. Hmmm,a sad song on a chilly night! Perhaps, a case of a heated choice or an attempt to disengage from an unconsummated love.
    Come to think of it, some two by two are simply configurations of pretence and misery.
    I say, keep to your self rather than lie in a heated bed of thorns and thistles. No?

  2. If you say so, Posekyere, Sir!


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