Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crool Black

The lack of light cuts clean, slim lines on the wearer’s frame. It recites racy elegance and calm confidence. It speaks of no need for silly frills to feel cool! But it also denotes death, buried sadness and tears. It is morbid, funereal. It is cruel. But when you put on black, questions fly at you: what is the tragedy? So, in Ghana, Black is crool (cruel + cool).


  1. i found myself asking someone this kind of question yesterday!

    the answer was "no". no mourning. and i don't know why i asked.

    i guess sometimes there's nothing to talk about! i ask any dumb question that pops up to the foreground of my 'fallow' conversational ground.

  2. crool! I *live that.

    *Live= like + love

    doesnt quite work that well for every word now does it?

  3. crool huh? pretty sweet word!

  4. So, so true! Especially when I was so used to thinking black = cool before I moving to Ghana.
    I remember I was decked out in a black shirt at a conference in Accra a couple of years ago and a doctor approached me to ask why I was hearing black. He quoted a biblical verse why I should not. I wish I had kept that quotation.
    Black is indeed "Crool"

    Btw: Thanks for the Blogger Beloved props...left me quite misty eyed!

  5. i personally love black so i get a lot of the 'who died' comments but i'm sticking with black cuz hey its a great ice breaker.. neeways love the new word crool, cool. hope websters put in the next dictionary

  6. I agree, Novisi. It is dumb to ask a complete stranger whether they are in black to mourn somebody.

  7. Except that it sounds strikingly like a well-intended word from Kumasi or Greater Ashanti, "live" is not so bad, Flossy!

  8. For the props, you are welcome, Abena. About wearing black, I know I have been 'stampeded' with that bible verse too...just don't remember by whom, or where.

  9. Nice comment, Anon. Was betting more on Oxford, but Webster's cannot be that bad. It is well known that I do not think Americans speak English. ;)


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