Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Husband is Here 4

Closet Doubts

Three days and nights sail slowly by
They do not even try
The smoke and clouds swirl all about
There're closets full of doubt

He thinks she'll break and confess all
But she continues to stall
Will he explain the sudden limp -
Why he walks like a chimp?


  1. There is no problem here. Each is guilty and both have to confess but after confession can they be together? I think it is best for them to separate. But definitely each has to lie if they want it to work.

  2. Anonymous29 July, 2009

    I think the woman is innocent here. I'm not so sure that her actions/reactions are so obviously that of one who has inadvertently revealed to her husband that she's cheating. I think her behavior can also be interpreted as one of a woman reeling from the shock of her husband's reaction to words she said in a mere dream.

    I think the dream just happened to reveal that the husband she adores is not really who he is. She is in shock and doesn't know whether to confront him to confirm her suspicions or to pretend she never had the dream!

  3. Confessions, huh? Nana F, what is there to confess, really? Nobody's been caught in any 'act' or even close to it!

  4. Well yes Anon, we can do that and ignore who has set off this chain reaction. I suspect there have been enough hints in the story, so far, of her own guilt.

  5. Guilt? I think not! what if she was awre of her husbands infidelity and was only setting him up to reveal the truth?!! That's what I see here:)

  6. All possible, Maxine, but the mystery is unravelled now, in the final part! ;-)

  7. Ilove the rhyme to limp n chimp :-). I think the best solution is to DENY, DENY, DENY lol!

  8. Thanks, Lucci. Deny, deny, deny? Hmm...

  9. Nana Yaw how can you say nobody has been caught? Ever heard of the term exposure? These guys have been exposed, especially the madam!

  10. Especially the madam, Pen Powder?


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