Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Husband is Here 5

All At Once

She takes to gathering evidence
Of marital offence
The remnants of protected sex
Condoms enough to vex

She goes to confront him at work
To make him a public jerk
But as she scolds him openly
Two people zoom in slowly

The secretary her husband shags
His best friend "who always brags"
The same 'friend' with whom she cheats
And this the tale completes!


  1. ha! He started it, I say! It's a case of You do me, I do him!

  2. Ok, I see the link now....

    Good job NY

  3. They should go ahead and have a foursome there... They've been doing it, they just don't know!

  4. hehehehe.......see the pot calling kettle black. She wasn't innocent, should have kept her trap shut.
    I like the foursome idea though.

  5. I believe they both had it coming. They are both cheats. And it happened that they have caught themselves. But I don't understand why the woman would make the first move and most especially in public, because she is no angel herself.

  6. Lol, Lucci, pots n kettles.

  7. Questions, Nana F, questions...

  8. all women flirt , all women cheat.
    all men cheat, all men flirt.


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