Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Husband is Here 3

The Return

He creeps back up into the bed
Nothing at all is said
He might as well be with a wall
She does not move at all

She feels him move behind her back
She's eager to attack
But she does not feel faultless tonight
She has just lost the right


  1. hmm...tails tucked between hind limbs: both of them I mean. Sizing each other, waiting for the other to attack or defend....

  2. oh dear, with this elephant in the room, none of them will be sleeping for a week, if not the rest of their lives...

  3. Who'll be the first to throw stones in this glass house?

    Your writing is genius...as always!

  4. If I were the woman, I would cook up story on the dream that caused the scream. And brazenly ask why he ran...
    If I were the man, I'd cook up a story that caused my worry, and brazenly ask why she screamed.

  5. The answer is in the scream! How did she scream? Was it panicky or accusatory or in ecstacy? wish i were a fly on their wall!

  6. Yes, Nana F. It's strategy time, before tactics come in.

  7. Yes, Lucci, there sure is an elephant in the room. But maybe, they'll pretend to sleep all week. ;-)

  8. Lol, Maya Mame. Glass house, huh? And thanks for your ever kind words.

  9. Your 'plot' is so interesting Kwegyirba. Maybe I should let you write the concluding parts then. ;-)

  10. Yes, Maxi, I think you're right: the scream!


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