Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shoe in the Rectum

Amazing scenes and memorial sound bites are seen and heard every now and then in the office. Take last week Friday, for example – a female colleague was feisty in making herself a lightsome nuisance. While it was all tricksy-and-rollicking, I was prospecting for a withering remark to make her wilt. One by one, office mates dropped in the room, and, when we got the perfect-size audience, my one-liner came.

I menaced to impale her on the tip of my shoe by way of her rectum. She countered my hollow hectoring by covering her backside with her hand. Then the whole room burst out laughing. I do not know where else this could have happened. I love those guys there, and won’t exchange them for any others.


  1. Through all this poetic language, did you try to say you kicked a lady in the ass? That's not the ways of a true gentleman, or? :) Liked the read, I'm just too illiterate to truly comprehend it. ;)

  2. Oh no, Yngvild, I just said I would kick her in the arse, as a joke. I couldn't do that really.

  3. You did kick her, didn't you? Oh naughty, naughty boy!

  4. It's ok to kick them where it hurts sometimes :) Of course I'm joking.

  5. Of course, you're joking, Nana Kofi

  6. wow! i'd love that kind of company anyday for my lil pranks!!!

    easy folks!

    ain't there enough stress in the world???


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