Friday, February 27, 2009

Public Pit-Sniffing

I was midday-monkeying-about with colleagues, at lunch, in our upper floor, in a public building. Through the window, we espied down below, a frowsy female raising her arms to sniff her pits, distastefully thrice, the moment she came out of the public toilets. As if that was not entertainment enough, she savoured a whiff of her probably-unwashed fingers, nauseating us to numbness, as she walked to join her group.


  1. Nice one Nana Yaw! I do feel bad for the poor "frowsy" (?) lady who still has no idea she was caught in the sniffing act. Tis like catching nose-pickers...well, maybe not because I seem to see lots of people deep in their nostrils digging and completely unfazed by my stares of surprise. My favorite is when one is compelled to shake hands with someone at a social gathering after you just saw them digging deep or taking a pee break into a gutter.

  2. I feel your pain, Aby, esp about the 'gold diggers'! I almost always have pockets. Upon suspicion of my opposite having hazardous habits, I simply dig my hands in my pocket and say hello with a nod!


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