Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Your Absence

I dream of your pink, soft smile
Radiating in the night
And on a wish, I touch and dial
To hear you, sweet and light

I shut my eyes and sail the sea
To some romantic lands
Where winds of musk and lemon tea
Smell like you in my hands

I lie awake at mildest morn
I can’t drift off to sleep
The wait is long; my heart is worn
How does forever keep!

There was an eve you held me close
The stars shone high above
And shady flows of shadows rose
Wondering if we spoke of love

White winds will bring my queen some day
All sweet and smiles again
With happy hearts we’ll kiss and play
While heaven hails her rain.


  1. ah what a beautiful poem. I love your poetry and your elegant style of writing. This one captured the emotions of yearning and longing so well. Who hasn't had them.

  2. Thanks, Adaeze, thanks really!

  3. are you warming us up for tomorrows topic? :) Lovely.

  4. serious stuff from serious people. emotions that flow from the cisterns of one's heart outward into the soul of the love you share. brilliant poetry. elegant style and impressive diction.

    I once defined love thus

    Love is a disease that rules the heart
    Overides the mind and destroys its art
    Violates laws and rips it apart
    Eventhough it is the most pleasant thing i can be part.

    your poetry here undelines the last line. excellent my brother.

  5. I agree about the essence of the two poems being the same. Love and life are like that.


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