Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Her Making

They poured a quart of moonlight milk
And added ruby, pearl and jade
They wrapped it up in softest silk
And so my lady’s face was made

They sprinkled drops of Angel Tears
And sang sweet songs from heaven’s fold
They mixed perfumes for seven years
And there’s her little heart of gold

They flicked a flare of fairy dust
And caught a film of silver cloud
They laced her blood with lickerish lust
See how she walks so light and proud

They baked cookies from her wondrous dreams
And flavoured them with racy wine
They filled them sweet with all my favourite creams
That’s why the lady’s heart is mine


  1. Aaaww. Plucks at the heartstrings..

  2. very nice poem :-)


  3. Beautiful Nana! I hope you have/will read this to her.

  4. Beautiful imagery.

    I have a request: would you give us an idea when these poems were written so we can follow your growth as a poet?

    Thanks much:)

  5. Nana,
    now i feel like i can't help but feel the valentine that i brushed aside even before it's dawn again...

    very sweet! awwwwww!

  6. Awwww, Anon, don't you flatter! :-)

  7. I have not read this to her. Wrote it with nobody in mind, but it became for Lil Girl.

  8. Thanks W, wrote most of these between Upper 6 and 1st year at the UG.

  9. Novisi, my friend, isn't Love such a great thing. Yet we do not really know it until it's gone. I'm sad.

  10. This is flawless poetry; the kind that awes you on the first read and that you read again to savor

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