Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If I walked through your eyes
To where the moon flies
And I kissed you on the lips
Till when the sun dips
If I swore upon a rose
Until my voice froze
Would you believe that I love you?
Would you say you love me too?


  1. Guess who...10 February, 2009

    well now, that's more like it! earlier stuff, less jaded, more hopeful. though, i hate to break it to you - love does not necessarily beget love.

  2. Guess Who, the-now Me know that love is not always requited. It still feels good to be able to re-live moments of the past through these lines.

  3. wow!
    sweet one there!
    but please don't assume the position of the 'persona' unless you have the room to handle the many lips that come yearning!

    nice one!


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