Friday, February 13, 2009

Let's Talk About Love - A View from Ghana

A Promise on Love

I’ll stow your smile in a chocolate cake
Catch your breath in a red rose bud
I’ll hold your hair in a liquorice lake
And love you with blue blood

I’ll keep your heart in a glass fruit bowl
And cloak your soul in a crystal ball
I’ll melt your mind in a phial of gold
And love you, flaws and all

I’ll coat your touch in sugar strips
Set your feet in a jewellery case
I’ll warm your kiss against my lips
Love you in time and space


  1. ahh how sweet and sugary lol. I love this one too. Your poetry truly touches me! I know I'm not the first to say that. Looking forward to further reading.

  2. This is a lovely poem. You are truly talented

  3. Hi loverman, I truly enjoyed this your take on the classical "roses are red, violets are blue" rhyming love poetry. "The feet in the jewelery box" was the best image in my mind in combining love gifts (the box) with desire and admiration.

  4. Nana, you more than show how you've got your mastery of your own art wrapped right at your finger tips!

    the reading is so easy and pleasing that one could easily be swayed to think the brewing of such a beautiful craft of poetry is that's not!

    you do it well!

  5. Hi Adaeze,

    You may have just inspired me to go back to full-time poetry writing now. Maybe I will open a second blog for that!Thanks.

  6. Yes, Kajsa, you got my personal meaning for the feet in the jewellery case right. Thanks always.

  7. Well, Novisi, thanks. As I said, I wrote the collection from which the last 5 or so poems have come more than a decade ago. I may have outgrown such faith in love now. I will embark on another collection and see where it goes. I have new inspiration to write love poetry now.

  8. you make love sound i like


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