Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Two Hearts Meet

There is a place, and a time, and a way
Where two hearts meet, where they play
And there, it all falls in like the rain
No matter your desire, it must feel right
There is a world for only two, the chosen two
They find it once, there’re no mistakes
It comes with fear and great passion
It never goes away, so we decide

I found a heart, in my heart, it was your heart
Some dreams have wings; I played the part
Here, it did not fall, but it poured
For you, how did it feel, I want to know?
And are you scared, what owns your mind?
And sometimes it does feel strange, does feel strong
For not being spooked, I kiss your hand
For being just you, I like you so

There’re no promises, no conscience
Just knowing that you are there, forever!


  1. for being just you, i like you so:)

  2. I don't want to say that you are at your best when you write about love and all that it comes with. But you have such a way with words on that subject!

  3. Anon, thanks. But, you see, I am trying to develop my other writing styles/skill too.


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