Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Shadow Walkers

Whizzing homeward late after work, I happened on a man, who was no spring chicken, wandering in the wooded shadows with a kitten of a girl. Their bodies brushed over and over against each other, and uttered loose language. When my headlights groped their grovelling guilt, they seemed to shilly-shally, and then they came a yard or two apart, but they kept on waltzing with uneasy gait; he, with a stalking saunter, and she, beside him, with summary steps. The uneasiness betrayed that they knew they shouldn’t be there – a psychedelic fact which surely doubled their thrill. As the brightness slunk away, they quickened their steps again, and were soon lost to my rear-view mirror.


  1. Sombody's daughter being preyed upon without mercy!

    What a jerk of a man.

  2. Interesting post - as usual - Nana Yaw. Written with a most palpable voyeuristic nuance! Ha ha.
    What I found equally interesting was Posekyere's comment on someone's daughter being preyed on :-) In such matters am beginning to realize there is a thin line between being the prey and the predator. One wonders if we can often times tell by just looking.

  3. Because their ages are on different sides of the line of adulthood, I am tempted to agree with you, Posekyere

  4. Lovely description of persons being caught when they least expected it!

    Interesting discussion here as well. How do we know it's not someone's husband being preyed upon by a hungry young woman? Hm...

    Just looking at it from another point of view (not necessarily my own!).

  5. Yes, that's me, everyone's voyeur. You make me think of things differently now. Am I sure I can tell, with just a glance and a half, who the real victim is?

  6. Uh hu, Maya throws some more spice in the broth!

  7. while the discussion is on analyzing the happening...

    i'm actually worried (and why i don't know) that such a glassy happening that happened got INTERRUPTED...

    and i hope the pair found another sweet location to care less...(about what i don't know too).


  8. Novisi, man, you know how much I love your independent mind!


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